Background Information

I have been doing physic readings for over 25 years as well as “seeing” aspects of people’s present day spiritual life.   My best friend and I tested my accuracy with different people she knew and I didn’t know and she would say, “What do you see?”  I would tell her, and she confirmed over and over again my accuracy.    We did this over months and years and kept our journals of our “sessions” together.

One of the first times using my abilities, I was asked to help discover what happened to a murdered Sherri Dally by the local police detectives.  My remote viewing of the crime scene helped find where her body was and exactly what had happened.  She was discovered as I said, in a ravine.  Very sad and very stressful for all of the community.  This was not what I was cut out for, and my friend and I continued with our sessions.

We went on to read a newly released book about forgiveness, called “Disappearance of the Universe”, by Gary R. Renard.  Then followed-up completing, “A Course In Miracles”, ACIM the following year.  This made me want to place my abilities into seeing the over all picture of an individual soul story to see if I could help friends move forward in their spiritual growth.

My process is I make a request to see your overall lifetimes, then I begin to see flashes of pictures of different times, places and eras that pertain to you. And that’s when I write with my eyes closed and my hands on a keyboard filling a word document as I see the story unfolding.  It’s pretty exciting stuff!

From the testimonials I have received and feed-back, the overall experience for you is a much clearer and deeper meaning in your life and spiritual growth forward.    If you would like a reading from me, please request through it through e-mail at:  I recommend three for a good overview.  It may take one to two weeks for the readings to be complete and I will stay in touch with you during this period with updates on progress.


One thought on “Background Information

  1. Carolyn Kennedy

    Had a most wonderful time meeting and doing readings for a VERY interesting group of women this week!! Wish we had more time to get deeper into each past life because they were super interesting!! Thank you ladies!!


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