Sharon Stone’s Three Past Lives

I felt guided to see Sharon Stone’s past lives. 

The first lifetime – I see a Celtic life as a very beautiful princess, protected and sheltered in a stone castle with all the luxuries and pampering a princess could have in this lifetime.  

Since she wasn’t a “slave to society,” she was able to get in touch with her inner self then, as her groomers wanted to wait on every whim, want, and desire she expressed. She had full support, reinforcement, and validation to nurture her inner self this lifetime.  

She was very intelligent and very beautiful. Her name was Shannon, “the small wise one.”  Because she was smarter than most, she was able to manipulate people around her.  This was fun for her at first. I see her playing games with her servants, like hiding something and then asking for it. She had fun watching them look everywhere.  

But on one occasion, when she saw that one of her manipulations caused a severe casualty to man and his family, she took serious evaluation. She understood that her game playing with hearts and minds was not wise to use in this manner. 

She reflected on using her intelligence for good things later in her life. She remained single without an equal prince by her side.  

Her lifetime then may sound like a fairy tale to us, but she was one of the fortunate ones who was able to learn life’s lessons before she died. She had a peaceful natural death with her family around her. 

The second lifetime – I see a sweet little child with a lamb,  a very pretty child with blonde hair.  I see green grass on a mountainside surrounded by blowing trees in the summertime.  The summers were short there, and I see that it is in Norway. She was very loved and wanted by both her parents.  

I see that it was a more recent lifetime. Her name was Karen or the equivalent to that in Norwegian.  I see she was running down a hill, and she got going a little too fast, and there was a rock about the size of a loaf of bread covered in moss that she tripped on and fell. She tumbled several times, banged her head, broke her left arm, and had a huge gash in her right leg. She went unconscious and needed to be carried home. 

She was carried home by her bigger, older cousin who was playing with her. He brought her to her parents, where they went into shock when they saw their injured precious sweetheart.  

They immediately laid her down and began nursing back to health as best they could. She woke up and was in a lot of pain. They put her arm in a sling and tried to keep her head cool. The gash in her leg was beginning to fester.  

The local medicine man said to give her a  week, and she should start being on the mend. She was in and out of consciousness and, unfortunately, developed a fever. Her leg was infected badly and wasn’t going in the right direction. Everyone prayed by her bedside.  

She lasted as long as she could but eventually fell asleep one last time and passed away. The entire family was devastated, especially the cousin who was playing with her that day.  

I see that her cousin came back with her this lifetime as one of her children. He chose her as his mother because he wanted to grow up and take care of her. 

The third lifetime – I see the word, Tibet. I see a foggy mountain up high in the Himalayan Mountains and a monk’s chamber, where I see and hear a small brass bell being rung. There is a lot of smoke in the room. She was a man this lifetime.  

I see five monks, one is at the head of the wooden stage/low platform, and there are two monks on the left and two monks on the right of the master monk. They are in an elevated state and meditating, smoking, and having a “universal” conversation.  They all seem to be sharing one dream together.  They were very advanced mediators, and I see that Sharon was one of them.  

I see that going through the process of achieving this level, he spent a lifetime meditating, and that meditation preprogrammed his future lifetimes to be spiritual, happy, and experience life fully. He was so aware of past lives and future lives and was smart enough to know that that lifetime was important to his soul. He knew it was a great opportunity to advance his enlightenment for ever.

I see that this lifetime was the furthest one back in time from these three.