Kim Kardashian’s Three Past Lives

The first lifetime – I see Kim in Ancient Egypt as a Queen. She had a very lavish lifestyle. She was beautiful as she is today. She had beautiful clothing and was waited on by servants.

Then as now, people flocked around her. She was fair-minded to the poor. She appreciated her special status and understood she earned her position from past lives. 

She loved her assigned husband, who is the same husband she currently has today. They had deep bonds with each other and were closely related to each other. 

One day, while she was playing with her children, a large horse with a military soldier came to give the family a warning. The warning was that the oldest son would be killed as punishment for receiving stolen precious jewels and gold. The planned attack was going to happen very soon.

Desperate to keep her son alive, they decided to disguise themselves. The mother and son left their home immediately. They dressed as very poor beggars. The father stayed behind to protect their other children and home. When they departed, they pledged and made a pact that they would be together again as a family one day no matter what happened. 

Mother and son left and were very fearful that they would be found out. They did not want to be recognized or separated. After traveling on foot for several days and asking for help, a family agreed to take them in. In exchange, they would work cleaning and taking care of the animals.

They were fed and could sleep with the animals. They felt safe, sheltered, and cared for. This situation lasted for a few years until the boy became a young man. 

He wanted to reunite his family, and his mother agreed that he could handle this challenge. They felt that enough time had passed and his transformation into adulthood was unrecognizable to authorities. 

He finally arrived home. His father embraced him, and together, they made a plan that he was the new stable worker, especially since he had experience working in the stables.

They devised a plan to get their mother home. She would have to wear her disguise to travel home. When she returned, they pretended that she had been very ill for a long period of time and could see no one. They were successfully reunited. The pact they made still exists in her family. Two of her children are the same ones from that lifetime, a son and a daughter, North and Psalm. 

The second lifetime – I see it was a time when she was a medicine woman in a tribe in Africa, what we now call Tanzania.  She learned the use of herbs and was considered a doctor at the time. She knew when to prescribe a remedy, perform a ritual dance, or smoke a peace pipe. She seriously and sincerely cared about her people and their ailments.  

She was admired and loved by many people for healing them. Her powers became magical when she came to an ill patient’s home. Her presence would heal them. She dedicated her life to healing the sick.

On one particular occasion, there was a blind child who was feverish and coughing. The family was preparing for him to pass away. When she got word of this, she felt the urgency to tend to him. 

When she arrived at his home, it looked hopeless. She held his hand and whispered to him he was going to be okay. Within a short period of time, his fever broke, his cough went away, and he could miraculously see her! He was healed! 

All the local tribesmen very much respected her. But one night, it was cold, and there was a fire where people would gather around.  It got very windy, and a lot of huts caught on fire. The fire was very fast-moving.

I see that she was sleeping in her thatched home. She did not get out in time and died in the fire. The entire village grieved her passing and made a monument for her. 

The third lifetime – This was another lifetime in Egypt, again when life around the Pyramids was very active.  I see her being part of the record-keeping in the Library of Alexandria.  She was instrumental in preserving and maintaining the records, scrolls, and documents.  

She was educated in an affluent family and knew how to decipher the documents. She was quite amazed to understand some of the secrets and information the documents contained. She realized the magnitude of preserving the documents and worked tirelessly at making certain they were perfect for the eons they would exist.

I see that she was intelligent and knew that each contributor to the library had their portion of knowledge, and she was one of the rare people who had an overview of all documents. She became the lead library custodian.  

There was romance in the library. She fell in love with one of the other custodians, but they could not be together because she was in a pre-arranged marriage. However, she had a torrid affair with him in the library! She let go of all her inhibitions with him. That man is her present husband in this lifetime.  

As fate would have it, she got pregnant with his child.  She already had two little girls with her husband and now was expecting a third child with another man. She was conflicted with what to do.  

I see that she decided not to tell anyone the true identity of the father. She had the baby, and it was a boy. Upon his birth, his future pre-arranged marriage was assigned with another affluent family in the community.  

She never did tell anyone the secret that she held. She knew they would be bonded together forever by her secret love child.

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