Justin Bieber

Justine Bieber

Justin Bieber is really a superstar! Not only is he a very talented musician, he is an honest, honorable, loyal, married man, but how he became what he is today wasn’t all childhood play and good fortune. No, he had a couple of past lifetimes that really influenced him this lifetime. His first one goes the furthest back to when he was born in the early 1800’s in the deep south.

His name was Jeremiah and he was the son of a preacher who was Jeremiah senior. His father was the preacher and politician of the town. During his preaches his flock believed every word he preached. He had a very real sense of power, and actually the people loved him.

He then became the political head of the town. He created a “tax” that the local people had to pay, which was more than they ever could afford. His power started going to his head and then he began commanding that people give up their properties to the church. As a result, their other choice was that they could remain in their home and become workers (slaves) and give all their harvests to him. He granted them food and some clothing for doing so. The people were very terrified of what was happening and really had nowhere to turn and nowhere to go.

Jeremiah junior did not understand at all that was happening at the time. His father just kept telling him that the town’s people were difficult to deal with and that they did not understand the true way of the Lord. Jeremiah junior was confused but ultimately believed in his father.

One of the landowners had a musket, and decided to do Jeremiah senior in. There was a standoff between the two, where Jeremiah did not have a weapon and the landowner kept aim at him and continued to walk towards him. No one stopped him, everyone watched. Jeremiah at first told him to halt in his place because the Lord was going to strike him. The local kept walking fiercely without flinching. Then Jeremiah, said he would bargain with him and give him back his property, the local kept walking with his musket aimed at Jeremiah. The next thing Jeremiah did was to get on his knees and say, “You wouldn’t shoot a praying man, now would you?” The local didn’t reply and walked within three feet of him and blew the musket off in his chest. Jeremiah was dead. The entire town rejoiced in full choir, Hallelujah!!!!

Now, Jeremiah junior did not see this as he was a young child, but his mother protected him by telling him that his father was accidentally shot in the town by someone very evil. He stuck up for his father and wanted to emulate him, he died as a young man from a fever, never really becoming the preacher he wanted to follow in his father’s footstep.

Justine’s Next Lifetime

Then next lifetime I see is that he was born in the Detroit area. He was from a large black family. He wanted to be born as a preacher and this was the place to come back to fulfill his spiritual promise. He was a conflicted leader in his Parish because he still had shades of taking advantage of people from his past life. However, he really had a stronger desire to do and be good for the people.

He eventually turned toward the goodness of his parishioners. His sermons were very physical in nature, and he was basically performing “service” as he sang and danced on the stage. His actions inspired the church goers to do the same. His flock got larger and larger every weekend and people could be seen out the door and beyond. He really became a rock star of Baptist Church as one of the greatest preachers! He was loved and believed in. He loved being loved and listened to, but he did not like his part of himself that stole a little from the church. He was torn and trying to really figure out how to be a good and happy person this lifetime. He passed from natural causes, and the entire parish grieved his death.

Since this was his most recent past life, he didn’t travel too far and obviously kept stage and music and important part of his now present life. He understands his world and his soul is advancing quite a bit in his present life.

Lady Gaga’s Italian Past Lives

Lady Gaga’s first life I see influencing her still today was when she lived in Florence Italy in the 15th century during the grand era. She was involved as a lover of an artist who was a part of the Medici Family. She became a woman of influence and power. She was very glamourous and had the finest clothing, and enjoyed the excess of wealth and all that came with their family power. This lifetime was her favorite lifetime. She thrived on gossip, and at many times she would make up stories about her peers, just so she could watch their reactions and have a good behind the scenes giggles and laughs. She could easily command the attention of potential suitors with her abundant money, jewelry and feasts she would through because of her high position in society then.

Her entire adult life, then was filled with a long string of romance, even though she was married. died of natural causes peacefully. She loved that lifetime so much that she was born again in Rome, Italy.

The lifetime she lived in Rome started as a very humble existence. She actually was related to her former self as a distant cousin. This was about 40 years after the previous lifetime. Her family owned the bakery in Rome. She naturally learned the ways of breadmaking as a young girl. She became an excellent baker as a young adult. The locals really gravitated towards the aromas and when she baked all breads were sold out. She worked hard at the recipes, and their family was well connected in buying the proper grains. The well-off Roman’s kept her supplied with the goods. She was delighted at being a great baker and she rose to celebrity status during her lifetime there.