What Happens to an Entire Family who Dies in an Airplane Crash

The first lifetime I see is of baby Phoebe in her past life crawling on a wooden floor with her pj’s on her like a onesie. It was not that long ago. I see your Mom wearing a long dress with an apron on. Your father has a straw, big brimmed poop hat, and is smoking, happy and playing a guitar. He is a multi-tasker. You were a little tot and you made them very happy. They were your same parents as you have now. Also, your brother was your same brother. You lived nearby where you live presently, but in a more rural area, or it hadn’t been built up yet. You were all a young family. Your father had a creative way of making a living. He played music at local events. He was very handy and was relied upon with his carpentry skills. He and your mother were very important participants of a local spiritual group who helped each other. It consisted of a peaceful loving group of families.

I see you were going to visit your father’s father who had moved rather far away.  He most very likely was your current Uncle Edward. He had remarried and chose to live near his wife’s family. It was a bit far to drive and commercial flying was new at the time. I see your grandfather paid for your flights to come and visit him. 

This was an exciting adventure for the entire family! You and your family were going to be away from home for more than a month. It required your neighbors and friends to check up on your home. It took a small village to help you all make that trip. You were about 10 or 11 years old. Your brother was about eight years old.  You all packed and traveled to the airport and excitedly boarded the flight. Take off was normal. Everything seemed fine, except, the weather was getting bad, the airplane hit some bad turbulence and really shook badly! 

Next, I see, the plane was either struck by lightning or broke apart in the air, and shortly after that it fell out of the sky. Tragically, you and your family all perished together in that airplane accident!  It was terrifying and very quick. No one suffered and no one could believe it happened. It was too traumatic to grasp on a spiritual level for all on that flight. 

You were a young family, and your life was cut way too short. It was an unfair shake and your family decided you all came back as soon as possible as the same family to finish your karmic responsibilities together. Your present family is that family. 

Phoebe’s Second Lifetime

I see your childhood in that lifetime you were from a large family. You were one of thirteen children. Your siblings, mostly males, are your present brother, father and mother. Your family had a large property and there were farm animals, and everyone had to pitch in to make ends meet. 

Your Mom, Judy, was your only older sister, John, your Dad, was your next younger brother, followed by your brother, Matthew. They were your backbone for you to do what you needed and wanted to do in that lifetime.  

It was a hard life and I see that you did not want to follow in your parents’ footsteps and therefore, you chose not to get married. You decided to become a nun. You felt that a nun’s life was a much better existence for you. So, you applied to the Church of England, as an Anglican nun.

But at the time, it was a very selective process to go through, and you had to deal with their long-term decision-making process. It took several months before you were finally accepted. You were much relieved when you were accepted, and it reinforced in you that you were making the right decision for yourself.

You had a sense of humor and liked to play small pranks on your friends and family. You brought your sense of humor to the convent. They were not sure how to handle you, but eventually they laughed and took you under their wings and really loved you. You had a home there and were happy. Your name was Sister Catherine.

This lifetime took place in a small town near England around 1750. You were small, and I believe that also went into your decision-making process. You were trained and became part of a midwife team then. You saw a lot of happy moments and tragic moments during the births. You learned to pray very hard so that almost all outcomes were happy. 

Your track record became quite remarkable, and many new mothers requested you to be their midwife. You would give a special rosary to the new baby to keep nearby. As the babies grew up, a lot of them and their mothers stayed in touch with you. They would bring you small things for you to bless.

Your work was very satisfying, and you had a great sense of purpose and reward. You lived a natural life expectancy for the time. I see that what was considered a natural cause of death was your teeth and jaws look like they were infected because of poor hygiene. It was common then, and explained what we considered untimely demise. 

Unfortunately, you developed a high fever and the nuns surrounded you and prayed for you. You were in and out of conscientiousness for several days and then passed away in your sleep, it was considered a blessing and peaceful passing. You had a beautiful life. 

Phoebe’s Third Lifetime

This lifetime goes way back to the Egyptian period. Here is when Maddie, Alex and you shared a lifetime. I see the pyramids near-by, you in the middle, Maddie on the left and Alex on the right. I see it has to do with planning. You three were architects. You helped design structures during that era. The three of you were all very intelligent and worked together on planning to build several structures because you worked in the court of the Pharaoh.

The Pharaoh was in the New Kingdom era and was Ramsses II. He ruled for a long period of time and really had ambition to grow Egypt’s territory. He ordered you to create building after building. You were supervisor of your projects and as soon as you started a project and had things underway, you would then report back to the Pharaoh on the progress. If the Pharaoh was content, he requested you start on another structure as soon as possible. This went on year after year. You consulted with your colleagues Alex and Maddie. Phoebe, your name was Sehteht,  Htetastet, was Alex’s name, Atethet was Maddie’s name. The building process was rather dangerous with large stones tumbling at times crushing workers. 

I can see one incident, when two boulders tumbled down and it trapped you between them. There was pressure on your chest, and it broke your ribs.  I see that Htetastet was right there, and he was able, with the laborers, to pull the boulder away quickly, which saved your life. You had a long recovery process, and the Pharaoh was very sympathetic for you. He took good care of you in his own palace. You healed and recovered over the months. Htetastet and Atethet would visit you along with many friends. I see the three of you supported each other throughout that lifetime. 

Because the three of you were highly regarded in society then, you basically retired and had appointed slaves who took care of you. You lived near-by each other and were friends. It was a good life then and because the Egyptian beliefs were dedicated to eternal heavenly life, you all looked forward to passing. Atethet was first to pass, and you and Htetastet believed he was very fortunate to get to go first to eternal heaven. Htetastet was next to leave his body and finally you, Sehteht, passed away in his sleep. Because you were all honored members of society then, you were buried in special tombs for your eternal afterlife. #pastlifereadings

Donald Trump’s Three Past Lives

Almost all of the past life readings I have done, most people are not historical figures. However, when I explored Donald Trump’s past lives, he actually was two historical figures and so when I did my readings I was able to validate what I saw with Wikipedia, this made it very interesting to check. I saw his past lives three years ago, but let it sit and decided to revisit them with more detail. These are very interesting and make sense on a spiritual level towards his challenges and lessons he needs to further evolve his soul. 

The first lifetime – He was born into a privileged family whose father ruled an empire with his brother. He was Attila the Hun. When he was a baby, his father started to train him and his older brother being “tough” and would take him from his mother’s arms and inflict pain to prepare him and his brother for battle. It was very difficult for his mother to bear, but she had to endure watching and listening to her son’s painful cries. He was traumatized from childhood.

His father was away a lot and his absences really helped the boys recover from his repeated trauma. When his father returned, it would start over again, until one day when his father returned injured and weakened, did not hurt them, he reached out his hand to ask for help.  This was the turning point in their relationship.  Attila and his brother had tremendous resentment towards their father, but both brothers managed to help their father yet keeping their feelings to themselves because they feared him. 

Attila became the strongest and most feared warrior in the land. His power and ego was unshakable. When he passed away, from a nosebleed, which was true what the historians speculated, he didn’t and could not believe it and felt he had a lot of unfinished business to take care of, it wasn’t his time yet.  He came back very soon after as another son of a warrior….

2nd lifetime-

Baby Alexander, born into a royal family, with all the rights, privilege, education and health he and his sister could have. His then sister is his sister in this lifetime, Maryanne. He had a secure upbringing and this time a more understanding and dotting father. He was nurtured and very loved by his parents. He admired his father and his skills as a leader. He would watch his father on a horse and wanted to be like him and especially wanted his approval. 

When his father was killed by an inner circle trusted companion, Alexander had to take over immediately and do it quickly and proclaimed himself King before there were any disputes. He was passionate and driven to destroy and kill any rebellion.  He had an appetite to take over territories which feed into his power. And as he obtained more territory, he became more powerful. Power became a drug to him. 

He was always suspicious of his closest confidants and rightly so because of his father’s death, however he had to rely on them too for protection. What I see is that he ate something like a type of berry that had bacteria that wasn’t digestible and it was fed to him as a snack or casual, in-between meal, and the person who gave it to him figured he would not raise suspicion. It was a close confidant who knew what he was doing to eliminate him from power. 

As history writes, he passed away with agonizing stomach pains and severe dehydration. As he was dying in his last days, he had full-realization that he was murdered by an insider. His soul left feeling hugely betrayed and having huge trust issues in humanity. He did not want to ever come back and vowed to never trust anyone again. 

Third lifetime-

It took almost 2000 years until he did trust and come back. He was born to an international banker in the early 1800’s in the Toronto area in Canada. He came back on the terms that he would be in a protected loving household that assured he wouldn’t have any trust issues and physical hardships. So this was the family he chose. He negotiated his own return!

In fact, the terms he negotiated was that he would only return in a completely comfortable, safe home.  He also wanted his same father from his previous lifetime and so between time and feeling protected enough, he was born to his father from the lifetime when he was Alexander the III.  

His childhood was very good for him on a spiritual level and he learned to trust more in humanity in this lifetime.  His father made sure to keep him in the family business and he became a successful businessman in banking and understanding the flow of money from country to country.  

The family was instrumental in opening money flow from Europe, English nations, to Canada. It was not just his family but a group of families who were the main forces for setting up the banking system from what I see almost like royalty the families were treated.

Donald Trump’s past lives really were powerful and complicated. His current life and powers really are a reflection of various relationships he had on-going for eons. His lifetime lessons of forgiveness affect all of us on a spiritual level.

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Kim Kardashian’s Three Past Lives

The first lifetime – I see Kim in Ancient Egypt as a Queen. She had a very lavish lifestyle. She was beautiful as she is today. She had beautiful clothing and was waited on by servants.

Then as now, people flocked around her. She was fair-minded to the poor. She appreciated her special status and understood she earned her position from past lives. 

She loved her assigned husband, who is the same husband she currently has today. They had deep bonds with each other and were closely related to each other. 

One day, while she was playing with her children, a large horse with a military soldier came to give the family a warning. The warning was that the oldest son would be killed as punishment for receiving stolen precious jewels and gold. The planned attack was going to happen very soon.

Desperate to keep her son alive, they decided to disguise themselves. The mother and son left their home immediately. They dressed as very poor beggars. The father stayed behind to protect their other children and home. When they departed, they pledged and made a pact that they would be together again as a family one day no matter what happened. 

Mother and son left and were very fearful that they would be found out. They did not want to be recognized or separated. After traveling on foot for several days and asking for help, a family agreed to take them in. In exchange, they would work cleaning and taking care of the animals.

They were fed and could sleep with the animals. They felt safe, sheltered, and cared for. This situation lasted for a few years until the boy became a young man. 

He wanted to reunite his family, and his mother agreed that he could handle this challenge. They felt that enough time had passed and his transformation into adulthood was unrecognizable to authorities. 

He finally arrived home. His father embraced him, and together, they made a plan that he was the new stable worker, especially since he had experience working in the stables.

They devised a plan to get their mother home. She would have to wear her disguise to travel home. When she returned, they pretended that she had been very ill for a long period of time and could see no one. They were successfully reunited. The pact they made still exists in her family. Two of her children are the same ones from that lifetime, a son and a daughter, North and Psalm. 

The second lifetime – I see it was a time when she was a medicine woman in a tribe in Africa, what we now call Tanzania.  She learned the use of herbs and was considered a doctor at the time. She knew when to prescribe a remedy, perform a ritual dance, or smoke a peace pipe. She seriously and sincerely cared about her people and their ailments.  

She was admired and loved by many people for healing them. Her powers became magical when she came to an ill patient’s home. Her presence would heal them. She dedicated her life to healing the sick.

On one particular occasion, there was a blind child who was feverish and coughing. The family was preparing for him to pass away. When she got word of this, she felt the urgency to tend to him. 

When she arrived at his home, it looked hopeless. She held his hand and whispered to him he was going to be okay. Within a short period of time, his fever broke, his cough went away, and he could miraculously see her! He was healed! 

All the local tribesmen very much respected her. But one night, it was cold, and there was a fire where people would gather around.  It got very windy, and a lot of huts caught on fire. The fire was very fast-moving.

I see that she was sleeping in her thatched home. She did not get out in time and died in the fire. The entire village grieved her passing and made a monument for her. 

The third lifetime – This was another lifetime in Egypt, again when life around the Pyramids was very active.  I see her being part of the record-keeping in the Library of Alexandria.  She was instrumental in preserving and maintaining the records, scrolls, and documents.  

She was educated in an affluent family and knew how to decipher the documents. She was quite amazed to understand some of the secrets and information the documents contained. She realized the magnitude of preserving the documents and worked tirelessly at making certain they were perfect for the eons they would exist.

I see that she was intelligent and knew that each contributor to the library had their portion of knowledge, and she was one of the rare people who had an overview of all documents. She became the lead library custodian.  

There was romance in the library. She fell in love with one of the other custodians, but they could not be together because she was in a pre-arranged marriage. However, she had a torrid affair with him in the library! She let go of all her inhibitions with him. That man is her present husband in this lifetime.  

As fate would have it, she got pregnant with his child.  She already had two little girls with her husband and now was expecting a third child with another man. She was conflicted with what to do.  

I see that she decided not to tell anyone the true identity of the father. She had the baby, and it was a boy. Upon his birth, his future pre-arranged marriage was assigned with another affluent family in the community.  

She never did tell anyone the secret that she held. She knew they would be bonded together forever by her secret love child.

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Sharon Stone’s Three Past Lives

I felt guided to see Sharon Stone’s past lives. 

The first lifetime – I see a Celtic life as a very beautiful princess, protected and sheltered in a stone castle with all the luxuries and pampering a princess could have in this lifetime.  

Since she wasn’t a “slave to society,” she was able to get in touch with her inner self then, as her groomers wanted to wait on every whim, want, and desire she expressed. She had full support, reinforcement, and validation to nurture her inner self this lifetime.  

She was very intelligent and very beautiful. Her name was Shannon, “the small wise one.”  Because she was smarter than most, she was able to manipulate people around her.  This was fun for her at first. I see her playing games with her servants, like hiding something and then asking for it. She had fun watching them look everywhere.  

But on one occasion, when she saw that one of her manipulations caused a severe casualty to man and his family, she took serious evaluation. She understood that her game playing with hearts and minds was not wise to use in this manner. 

She reflected on using her intelligence for good things later in her life. She remained single without an equal prince by her side.  

Her lifetime then may sound like a fairy tale to us, but she was one of the fortunate ones who was able to learn life’s lessons before she died. She had a peaceful natural death with her family around her. 

The second lifetime – I see a sweet little child with a lamb,  a very pretty child with blonde hair.  I see green grass on a mountainside surrounded by blowing trees in the summertime.  The summers were short there, and I see that it is in Norway. She was very loved and wanted by both her parents.  

I see that it was a more recent lifetime. Her name was Karen or the equivalent to that in Norwegian.  I see she was running down a hill, and she got going a little too fast, and there was a rock about the size of a loaf of bread covered in moss that she tripped on and fell. She tumbled several times, banged her head, broke her left arm, and had a huge gash in her right leg. She went unconscious and needed to be carried home. 

She was carried home by her bigger, older cousin who was playing with her. He brought her to her parents, where they went into shock when they saw their injured precious sweetheart.  

They immediately laid her down and began nursing back to health as best they could. She woke up and was in a lot of pain. They put her arm in a sling and tried to keep her head cool. The gash in her leg was beginning to fester.  

The local medicine man said to give her a  week, and she should start being on the mend. She was in and out of consciousness and, unfortunately, developed a fever. Her leg was infected badly and wasn’t going in the right direction. Everyone prayed by her bedside.  

She lasted as long as she could but eventually fell asleep one last time and passed away. The entire family was devastated, especially the cousin who was playing with her that day.  

I see that her cousin came back with her this lifetime as one of her children. He chose her as his mother because he wanted to grow up and take care of her. 

The third lifetime – I see the word, Tibet. I see a foggy mountain up high in the Himalayan Mountains and a monk’s chamber, where I see and hear a small brass bell being rung. There is a lot of smoke in the room. She was a man this lifetime.  

I see five monks, one is at the head of the wooden stage/low platform, and there are two monks on the left and two monks on the right of the master monk. They are in an elevated state and meditating, smoking, and having a “universal” conversation.  They all seem to be sharing one dream together.  They were very advanced mediators, and I see that Sharon was one of them.  

I see that going through the process of achieving this level, he spent a lifetime meditating, and that meditation preprogrammed his future lifetimes to be spiritual, happy, and experience life fully.  He was so aware of past lives and future lives and was smart enough to know that that lifetime was important to his soul. He knew it was a great opportunity to advance his enlightenment. 

I see that this lifetime was the furthest one back in time from these three.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Three Past Lives

Feeling very compelled to check into Arnold Schwarzenegger’s past lives. These are the three lifetimes that came into focus, and I believe, influenced him most in this lifetime.

The first lifetime –  I am shown one that dates back to his home country in Austria. His name was Alexander. There was a little village on top of a mountain. He had very strong hands, very much like he has in this lifetime.  

During the winter, the village he lived in was impassable.  Everyone had to stay in the same location because there was too much snow and concern for avalanches, and blocking the roads occurred every year. 

I see he was very intelligent and had to do a lot of manly chores at a young age. He had to cut logs with an ax, feed the farm animals, which he loved, help his father repair the house, and help keep it warm.  He was the oldest son of a large family. I see seven children, five boys with two sisters. He had many responsibilities. 

I see that his responsibilities really intensified when his Dad did not return from bartering in the village..  Everyone was alerted to help find his Dad. They formed a search party along his pathway, and his Dad was found under the snow.  

It was determined that he had had a heart attack and passed away. It had snowed on top of him on his way back home. This was VERY upsetting to everyone in the town and his family.  

Now, Alexander had to step up his role immediately as the father of the household.  He had to be strong and take on things as a young man.  At a time of his life, when he wanted to start thinking of his own life, he had the serious obligations of taking care of his brothers, sisters, and Mother. He was very self-disciplined.   

Having a huge conflict like this made him feel trapped at times, and being closed off to the world in the winter didn’t help either while taking care of his siblings full-time.  

Unfortunately, he did not achieve his aspiration that he had dreamed of in this lifetime.  He knew his potential was great, but he had to put it aside, and he accepted his life as it was as a caring brother/father to his siblings.  

The second lifetime – I see is he lived in a Byzantine culture.  I see him in politics, starting out as a messenger between politicians. He was very agile and athletic and could get messages by foot or by horse easily and was trusted by all.  He rose through the ranks because of his father, and his experience as a messenger helped him get familiar with the political life there.

I see a name associated with him as Romulus. His service was short, just less than a year, and his tenure represented the end of the Roman Empire. He was someone recorded in history, and for more thorough details of his reign in office, it is on Wikipedia.

He felt great guilt and a lot of denial that he thought he caused the Roman Empire to end. He left public life and lived in the shadows. He wished and promised himself that if he had another chance, he would lead the Roman (Western) Empire in a better way.

Arnold’s third lifetime – After his Romulus incarnation, a few generations later, he was born again in the same culture, Byzantine.

In this lifetime, I see him as a performer. He was handsome and knew how to juggle things, anything!  He was talented, and people would gather around him. He loved the energy. He developed other tricks and told funny stories and jokes, and basically had an entertainer act. He could perform and was a star there!  

He always had a place to stay and a few coins in his pockets and survived on his skills. He had so much fun and let go of any hang-ups over sex, love, and good times. He enjoyed all the pleasures life could give. He also made a lot of people happy then. I see he passed away with a smile on his face. 😉

Side note:  I was really compelled to do Mr. Schwarzenegger’s readings.  Right after I finished his first past life reading, I checked my social media. The first thing that popped up on his Instagram was that he was recovering from valve surgery! Glad to know he is doing well!  

Jackie Chan’s Three Past Lives

The first lifetime – I see an acrobatic tented circus atmosphere—not too surprising. He was a great tumbler. He could roll himself up in a small ball and roll, and he knew the tighter he held himself, the more protected and safer the act would be. Before his show, he would go through his breathing slow down exercises and also do some stretching, similar to Yoga. He needed to be in tip-top shape to perform. He really loved his life. It was his family business.

It looks like three seasons is all it lasted. The act required holding that he hold his breath for a long time. On his last show, his body couldn’t endure the strains of this unique type of tumbling. He passed out and died during one of his acts. It was very, very upsetting to see what had happened. The audience went into shock. They could not revive him. I see this lifetime was not that long ago. He passed away in his early 20’s.

The second lifetime – I see a large black car, like something you see in a gangster movie. He is wearing a yellow raincoat. He is outside, opening up car doors for high society people and escorting them into a beautiful hotel. I see he is living in Chicago.

He was deeply involved with the Mafia. He used his job as a chauffeur/parking attendant to be a spotter and an informant. He knew everything that was going on in the gangster world. 

The gang started to think he knew a little too much intelligence and began not to trust him. They thought he could have turned to the police. So they made a plan to kill him by planting an exploding device in one of the cars he would open.  

It was an elaborate plan because they also wanted to kill one of the top police force at the same time. The device was planted in the car when the police officer was having dinner at the famous hotel.  When the door was opened, the explosion would go off and kill him and the policeman.  

The plan worked, and the fiery blast killed both men. 

The third lifetime – Why is he so big in this lifetime? I see an ancient history, he was a Sumo wrestler, one of the best! This is where he learned how to measure and discipline the physical and mental aspects of his life.

He developed a sharp mind and body while training to become one of the best Sumo wrestlers of all time. Although they had a strict regime in preparing to be a Sumo wrestler, he did get to have the best food prepared for him, which he loved.

He lived the life of a Sumo wrestler, and it was this lifetime that his mental and physical programming came through his future lifetimes.