Zendaya’s Intelligent Past Lives

Zendaya was a high achiever in all branches of education from what I am seeing. She was a writer in a past life as a sister fellow writer. She was one of the Bronte sisters, Anne. It was a large family she came from, and tragedy struck with the death of her older sister and brother, Emily and Branwell and then she passed away six months later. In that lifetime their deaths were caused from Tuberculosis. But it was during her young existence, that she really developed writing abilities, was nurtured in a protective environment and really got to develop her talents and intellect with the support of her siblings. It was an untimely death for them, and extremely sad. But the main take away from that lifetime was she never forgot her education as a youth. Her current brothers and sisters came back together this lifetime. They thought this was a perfect era to be born in.

The next lifetime that I see Zendaya in was a lifetime when she was a male and studied Botany/Agriculture. He lived and studied at the University of Amhurst in Agriculture. He was very scholarly and highly intelligent. He was so drawn to his studies and experiments that he tended to neglect his wife and family. His wife became very lonely and depressed for years always waiting for him.

Understandably, his wife caught the attention of a close neighbor who had a very sickly wife. They spoke an unspoken “lonely” language to each other and in no time, they were in one another arms during the day.

When he did get home to be with his family, he did enjoy family life and also enjoyed his friendship with his neighbor and truly liked him. He understood how difficult it must have been for him to have a sickly wife. He had a lot of empathy when he was outside of the laboratory. He knew his wife’s needs were neglected and one of his ways to relieve your guilt was to wish that his wife had a day companion. There were signals from all parties that it was okay to have a love triangle amongst each other. There really was no drama between any of them. The neighbor’s wife passed away shortly after, as if she understood and was a peace.

He continued to work at the University, day in and day out, making discoveries and working on seeds and plants, etc., and at peace believing his wife and neighbor had their precious time together while away. It all worked out for the rest of your natural lives. This lifetime shows how evolved and intellectual he became to overcome basic needs and desires.