Sharon Stone’s Three Past Lives

I felt guided to see Sharon Stone’s past lives. 

The first lifetime – I see a Celtic life as a very beautiful princess, protected and sheltered in a stone castle with all the luxuries and pampering a princess could have in this lifetime.  

Since she wasn’t a “slave to society,” she was able to get in touch with her inner self then, as her groomers wanted to wait on every whim, want, and desire she expressed. She had full support, reinforcement, and validation to nurture her inner self this lifetime.  

She was very intelligent and very beautiful. Her name was Shannon, “the small wise one.”  Because she was smarter than most, she was able to manipulate people around her.  This was fun for her at first. I see her playing games with her servants, like hiding something and then asking for it. She had fun watching them look everywhere.  

But on one occasion, when she saw that one of her manipulations caused a severe casualty to man and his family, she took serious evaluation. She understood that her game playing with hearts and minds was not wise to use in this manner. 

She reflected on using her intelligence for good things later in her life. She remained single without an equal prince by her side.  

Her lifetime then may sound like a fairy tale to us, but she was one of the fortunate ones who was able to learn life’s lessons before she died. She had a peaceful natural death with her family around her. 

The second lifetime – I see a sweet little child with a lamb,  a very pretty child with blonde hair.  I see green grass on a mountainside surrounded by blowing trees in the summertime.  The summers were short there, and I see that it is in Norway. She was very loved and wanted by both her parents.  

I see that it was a more recent lifetime. Her name was Karen or the equivalent to that in Norwegian.  I see she was running down a hill, and she got going a little too fast, and there was a rock about the size of a loaf of bread covered in moss that she tripped on and fell. She tumbled several times, banged her head, broke her left arm, and had a huge gash in her right leg. She went unconscious and needed to be carried home. 

She was carried home by her bigger, older cousin who was playing with her. He brought her to her parents, where they went into shock when they saw their injured precious sweetheart.  

They immediately laid her down and began nursing back to health as best they could. She woke up and was in a lot of pain. They put her arm in a sling and tried to keep her head cool. The gash in her leg was beginning to fester.  

The local medicine man said to give her a  week, and she should start being on the mend. She was in and out of consciousness and, unfortunately, developed a fever. Her leg was infected badly and wasn’t going in the right direction. Everyone prayed by her bedside.  

She lasted as long as she could but eventually fell asleep one last time and passed away. The entire family was devastated, especially the cousin who was playing with her that day.  

I see that her cousin came back with her this lifetime as one of her children. He chose her as his mother because he wanted to grow up and take care of her. 

The third lifetime – I see the word, Tibet. I see a foggy mountain up high in the Himalayan Mountains and a monk’s chamber, where I see and hear a small brass bell being rung. There is a lot of smoke in the room. She was a man this lifetime.  

I see five monks, one is at the head of the wooden stage/low platform, and there are two monks on the left and two monks on the right of the master monk. They are in an elevated state and meditating, smoking, and having a “universal” conversation.  They all seem to be sharing one dream together.  They were very advanced mediators, and I see that Sharon was one of them.  

I see that going through the process of achieving this level, he spent a lifetime meditating, and that meditation preprogrammed his future lifetimes to be spiritual, happy, and experience life fully. He was so aware of past lives and future lives and was smart enough to know that that lifetime was important to his soul. He knew it was a great opportunity to advance his enlightenment for ever.

I see that this lifetime was the furthest one back in time from these three.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Three Past Lives

Feeling very compelled to check into Arnold Schwarzenegger’s past lives. These are the three lifetimes that came into focus, and I believe, influenced him most in this lifetime.

The first lifetime –  I am shown one that dates back to his home country in Austria. His name was Alexander. There was a little village on top of a mountain. He had very strong hands, very much like he has in this lifetime.  

During the winter, the village he lived in was impassable.  Everyone had to stay in the same location because there was too much snow and concern for avalanches, and blocking the roads occurred every year. 

I see he was very intelligent and had to do a lot of manly chores at a young age. He had to cut logs with an ax, feed the farm animals, which he loved, help his father repair the house, and help keep it warm.  He was the oldest son of a large family. I see seven children, five boys with two sisters. He had many responsibilities. 

I see that his responsibilities really intensified when his Dad did not return from bartering in the village..  Everyone was alerted to help find his Dad. They formed a search party along his pathway, and his Dad was found under the snow.  

It was determined that he had had a heart attack and passed away. It had snowed on top of him on his way back home. This was VERY upsetting to everyone in the town and his family.  

Now, Alexander had to step up his role immediately as the father of the household.  He had to be strong and take on things as a young man.  At a time of his life, when he wanted to start thinking of his own life, he had the serious obligations of taking care of his brothers, sisters, and Mother. He was very self-disciplined.   

Having a huge conflict like this made him feel trapped at times, and being closed off to the world in the winter didn’t help either while taking care of his siblings full-time.  

Unfortunately, he did not achieve his aspiration that he had dreamed of in this lifetime.  He knew his potential was great, but he had to put it aside, and he accepted his life as it was as a caring brother/father to his siblings.  

The second lifetime – I see is he lived in a Byzantine culture.  I see him in politics, starting out as a messenger between politicians. He was very agile and athletic and could get messages by foot or by horse easily and was trusted by all.  He rose through the ranks because of his father, and his experience as a messenger helped him get familiar with the political life there.

I see a name associated with him as Romulus. His service was short, just less than a year, and his tenure represented the end of the Roman Empire. He was someone recorded in history, and for more thorough details of his reign in office, it is on Wikipedia.

He felt great guilt and a lot of denial that he thought he caused the Roman Empire to end. He left public life and lived in the shadows. He wished and promised himself that if he had another chance, he would lead the Roman (Western) Empire in a better way.

Arnold’s third lifetime – After his Romulus incarnation, a few generations later, he was born again in the same culture, Byzantine.

In this lifetime, I see him as a performer. He was handsome and knew how to juggle things, anything!  He was talented, and people would gather around him. He loved the energy. He developed other tricks and told funny stories and jokes, and basically had an entertainer act. He could perform and was a star there!  

He always had a place to stay and a few coins in his pockets and survived on his skills. He had so much fun and let go of any hang-ups over sex, love, and good times. He enjoyed all the pleasures life could give. He also made a lot of people happy then. I see he passed away with a smile on his face. 😉

Side note:  I was really compelled to do Mr. Schwarzenegger’s readings.  Right after I finished his first past life reading, I checked my social media. The first thing that popped up on his Instagram was that he was recovering from valve surgery! Glad to know he is doing well!  

Jackie Chan’s Three Past Lives – Very Entertaining, Dramatic and Disciplined

The first lifetime – I see an acrobatic tented circus atmosphere—not too surprising. He was a great tumbler. He could roll himself up into a small ball and roll, and he knew the tighter he held himself, the faster he would roll, and it also meant he was more protected and safer. Before his show, he would go through his breathing exercises to help slow down his heart rate. He also did stretching exercises, similar to Yoga to keep is performances perfect. He needed to be in tip-top shape to perform. He really loved his life, particularly since it was his family business. The crowds he performed for would gasp and would give him a resounding applause. He loved the energy!

It looks like three seasons is all it lasted for him. The act required holding his breath for a long time. On his last show, his body couldn’t endure the strains of this unique type of tumbling. He passed out and died during one of his acts. It was very, very upsetting to see what had happened. The audience went into shock. They could not revive him. I see this lifetime was not that long ago. I see it was in the mid to early 1800’s and he passed away in his early 20’s. He should have had years of entertainment, but it was cut way too short.

The second lifetime – I see a large black car, like something you see in a gangster movie. He is wearing a yellow raincoat. He is outside, opening up car doors for high society people and escorting them into a beautiful hotel. I see he is living in Chicago. He was deeply involved with the Mafia. He used his job as a chauffeur/parking attendant to be a spotter and an informant. He knew everything that was going on in the Mafia gang world. 

The gang he was associated with started to think he knew a little too much and suspected that he may be an informant and began not to trust him. They thought he could have turned to the cops. In order to stop any leakage to the cops they made a plan to kill him by planting an explosive device in one of the cars he would open the doors for.  

It was an elaborate plan because they also wanted to kill one of the top police chiefs at the same time. The device was planted in the car at the time the police officer was having dinner at the famous hotel. When the door was opened, the explosion would go off and kill him and the policeman. The device was set when the cop went into the hotel for business. When he finished his dinner, the parking informant opened the car door for him and that is when the “plan” set off the fiery blast killed both men. 

The third lifetime – Why is he so big in this lifetime? I see an ancient history; he was a Sumo warrior one of the best! His training then was where he learned how to measure and discipline the physical and mental aspects of his life. He developed a sharp mind and body while training to become one of the best Sumo warriors of all time. The honor of being chosen into Sumo training was all mentally encompassing with no distractions. The trainees were highly rewarded with lavish food, a place to live comfortably and treated as heroes everywhere they went. This lifetime was a very long time ago, I see around 1000 AD.

He was very competitive and wanted to make a competition out of everything, such as eating the most food, being the heaviest, being the bravest and using psychological tactics to stay on top of his competition. He used all his mental and physical resources 24/7 and proved correct by achieving all of his goals as he won every competition during his training. He was highly honored and respected by upper society in Japan. He was well trained and put on the battlefield for hand-to-hand combat.

He fought many battles and was the winner in all challenges, except for his final battle, where the only force to stop him was a blow to the head. He died on the battlefield. When news got out, it was a tremendous loss, and he was hailed as a warrior hero and thought at the time to become a god. By him being a Sumo warrior in that lifetime it really set forth a future soul-programming that came through for his future lifetimes, including the lifetime he was a tumbler and Jackie Chan today.

A Married Couple trying hard to Conceive

Interesting past lives reading for a married couple trying to have a baby and nothing seems to be working.  They decided to look at past lifetimes to see what if anything was blocking their wishes.   

When I requested to see their past lives, I was taken to the 1700’s in France.  There they were studying to be a nun and a priest.  They were on the same grounds and very happy in their career choices.  Maybe a little too happy….they enjoyed wine and laughing like kids and began having sex with each other, which was taboo.  She really prayed and prayed not to get pregnant as this would destroy both of them.  She took a few chances over their affair and they used their power of prayer that worked, she did not ever get pregnant.  They grew apart, he derived very much social satisfaction being a priest.  She became more and more lonely and sad by being in the career choice she made.  She died lonely and sad.  She wished they could have been a family together.

The next lifetime I saw them together was more current. It was simple and sweet.  They were brother and sister.  They wanted to make sure they were together so they came back as siblings.  They had a teasing and fun childhood together, very sweet and innocent, she was the sister who would tease her brother and he would take it in good stride.  They lived near each other as adults and had families of their own.  I sense that this was in the Eastern United States.

This lifetime, the couple met at a young age and liked each other immediately.  They married young and enjoyed years of career building and now is the time to start a family.  It’s been a year since they have been “trying” to conceive.  I did this reading yesterday (10/08/20) and the recommendation I suggested is to be aware of the power of the past relationship, the one when they prayed so hard not to get pregnant, to forgive all aspects from that lifetime to remove the emotional blocks that were created.  

A Couple Who Wanted to View Their Past Life Times Together….

     Stewart – I am taken to a time when I see a face in an era when paper money was first starting to be printed in the United States.  You had a narrow face with reddish complexion, fair reddish hair, teeth were crowded, British decent from your father’s side.  He helped make muskets.  He had an engineer kind of mind, he was very intelligent.
     When you were a boy, you ran freely on hilly beautiful stretches of land. I see the location was in West Virginia or Virginia, close to each other’s boarders.  It was beautiful landscapes and really quite a heavenly place to be as a child.  You were the only boy in a family of girls so you received special attention.  You  were very smart and the local mothers tried to keep up teaching you new things because you would learn and absorb information so quickly!  Your intelligence became well known and as a young man, and were considered a “steward” when you were awarded a government position, not as a politician but more of an overseer, confidant and support person.  I see your name was Chester.
     You were completely entrusted and placed in production and creation of new currency.  You had input into some of the design and parts of the engineering of it.  You were paid well at the time.  It was a satisfying job because you could use your creativity and see the production of the trust notes being put into circulation. You felt very fortunate to have this responsibility being so young.
     You were not a “rich” man then, but became very comfortable and soon after you were working, you courted a society girl and became engaged and married “right” woman…..her name was Catherine.  It was more of a societal arrangement than romantic love, but you two were happy enough together, there was nothing unpleasant that you could not accept in each other.  She had a little nervous tick in her lip and she tried to cover it up by talking a lot.  Your wife in that lifetime is someone you are related to presently, perhaps your sister or first cousin.  Your current mother just came up and she looks to be your same mother in that lifetime. She very much has her arms extended and wanting to give the world to you.  I feel a lot of love from her toward you.
     Fast forward…..several years later spending much time in your job, it became somewhat of boring for you, as you always wanted and needed more and different things to do.  One of the things that helped you was to reminiscent about your past freedom as a child.  Your mind was able to take you away to pleasant moments easily.  You tended to daydream when you were bored at work.  And you even fantasied to take the printed money and “hideout” but you never did because you had way too much to lose – mainly your family and standing in the community and you were far too logical to do something like that.  You were a complex man.
     Your and Abigail’s paths crossed during that lifetime, she was not your wife but someone you longed for because Abigail was an outspoken free woman, she was not married and was kind of tom-boy.  You would see her at town gatherings and she was a beautiful figure for you and she became etched deep in your psyche.  You started to became a little obsessed with her.
First Lifetime I see….
     Abigail  – First of all you were stunningly beautiful with long thick dark hair and your eyes were strikingly beautiful, almond shaped and deep blue.  Other women did not like their husbands to look into your eyes and said you possessed evil.
     You always had several men who longed for you (Chester being one of them) which gave you much attention from many admirers.  And for Chester, you were a secret fantasy dream woman.  It appears that thinking of you helped him escape his day-to-day “grind”.
     During this lifetime I see so much of the “constitution” going around you and you knew and understood that this was a very historical place and time.  You were not too interested in marriage and tried to figure out how not to get married.   You were very smart and your thoughts were valued by politicians but unfortunately many jealous wives did not want you speaking or making eye-contact with their husbands.  You were not too interested in marriage and tried to figure out how to get out of it.
     I do see you were a lover to a powerful political man and he loved your fertile mind and views.  He used many of your thoughts in his speeches which centered on freedom and independence.  Although you were a little frustrated over not getting the recognition for your freedom thoughts, you overcame it knowing your thoughts would benefit a nation for lifetimes to come.   You saw the greater cause and knew in your heart and mind that you made an everlasting impression and difference in a nation forming itself.
     I see your support system in that lifetime was working with your “sisters” in a brothel, it was a discreet business but everyone in town knew what was really going on.  You had many beautiful things to wear, made from exotic materials, colors and hand sewn by your sisters.  The styles you help create ended up starting new trends among affluent society.
     You became the “mother” of the sisters and your idea was each sister would wear a unique beautiful different color.  You had a rainbow of girls you liked to say.  You always made sure that you looked regal, dignified and proper when you went out.  You had a main escort who took you to events, shopping and errands.  I have to say I even see a feather in your hat, totally pretty, purple color, very pretty face.
     I see that you tripped and fell on a lantern and your dress caught fire, it was quite scary, but one of the girls saved you by throwing a bowl of water on the bottom of your dress.  She who saved you is important because she is your best friend presently.  You had some burns on your legs but I see you recovered because you had local doctors looked after you very well (you were their favorite patient!) 🙂
     I do not see a traumatic death in this lifetime but understand that you passed by natural causes, everyone really catered to you, and at times you were a little dramatic, but this was part of your personality.
     You were happy and content and did not marry in this lifetime.  This was shown to me first and somehow it was a lifetime that is influencing you today.  It was a colorful life and very satisfying and rewarding because of your influence in all who you touched then.  Your thoughts, style and friendships were deeply felt.
Second lifetime I see….
The prior lifetime – just prior to Abigail’s lifetime
     I see an earlier lifetime that you were very wise and understood past lives and there were a few of you who thought like this…. it was kept very quiet. You were deeply spiritual in earthly ways which was taught to you by your mom.  She was from the Cherokee tribe and your father fought in a war.  You kept your spiritual awareness to yourself, but was a very active young woman who loved political conversations (again) .  You were happy and knew how to overcome any daily adversity that may arise.
     I see a childbirth in this lifetime, the father of your child was not close by, he was a very unique man and was a “soul searcher” and you two loved each other very much. He had the opportunity to work as a trail blazer which he very much wanted to do.  It was a difficult decision for you to come to grips with but he was determined to be a part of a new adventure with the hopes of a new life for you and your baby son.  When you said your farewells you both knew it may be years if ever you would get to see him again.
     You and your mother raised your son together and at times, different men played father roles to him.  It was into the fourth year of your husbands departure when you fell in love with one of the men.  He was there daily.  You couldn’t help fall in love with him seeing how he treated your son and your mother.
     You both filled a void for each other and you two decided to be together.  He was a white man.  I see that it was a very difficult situation for you, should you remain a faithful wife or start a new one together life together with him.   As it turns out it was the right decision, because your husband never did return.  You received a letter from one of his co-workers that he was accidentally killed by a large piece of clearing equipment.
     Another very difficult part of your life was shortly you married your mother passed away with a fever (Yellow Fever).   It was a rough and rugged existence and you and your new husband needed each other for survival.
     When you would go to town, once or twice per year, because it was a long journey there, you observed how comfortable wealthy people looked and how they lived.  You wanted that lifestyle eventually, and you were wise to know that if you were going to come back in a future life it would be someone with means and wealth….So that is why you came back as Abigail.  It was difficult to see your name in this lifetime.
Third Lifetime
     This is three-four hundred years ago…..I see a lifetime that you  with beautiful clothing dancing for a Turkish Sheikh. You had beautiful eyes and all the fine things, clothing, shoes, silks and in particular you had the most gorgeous eyes, the Sheikh longed to possess.  He had many women in his harem and you were one of them.  He fell in love with your eyes and decided to make you his  his head wife, because he wanted you to bear as many children as you could so he could own a “nation” of beautiful eyed children.
     You were honored to be his main wife and had a fantastic wedding ceremony and grandest of parties that lasted days with lavish gifts, food, wine, and celebration.  It was a major event and solidified you as his princess.
     Soon after your honeymoon, you were pregnant.  You gave birth to a boy with beautiful eyes.  Happy times and celebrations followed.  You gave birth to baby two and three consecutively and then cam baby four and you were really tired of being pregnant and you had had enough.  You really needed a break for awhile because you were tired all the time and cared so much for you children and it was very uncomfortable for you.
     You knew of a “doctor” who could give you special herb that would help prevent pregnancy so on the sly you decided to purchase then and keep it hidden from your Master/husband.  But because word travels fast who wants these herbs, the information got back to your husband.
     When he found out and realized you were betraying his trust, he did not want to be made of fool of (he had a huge ego!) he was quick to make a decision to have you killed immediately.  He ordered his man to sneak up on you and behead you.
     It was so quick that you did not really feel it and you really didn’t know what happened as you left your body.  From your perspective you were in your body and left it quickly thinking you fainted.  You floated above the scene not understanding what had happened.  You kept watch over your young children’s life from a spiritual level and protected them too.
     It was such a shock to the community that it made everyone very afraid of your husband.  There was a burial for you but it was rather humble, as he said you were a betrayer.  He had to prove his strength as the Sheikh.
     However, his deep sorrow and guilt (big mistake) caused a painful existence for the rest of his life and when he looked into your children’s eyes it basically drove him insane.  You never wanted to have another lifetime with him, but he has always been searching for you because of his tremendous guilt.  You are protected from incarnating with him, however, you loved your children and they loved you too, and you have had a few lifetimes with them.

Most likely you lived more than a hundred lifetimes….

Most likely you have been reincarnated at least 100 lifetimes or more.  Generally speaking from what I have experienced in my readings, is that most of our lifetimes had a very closely related repeated pattern but plays out uniquely in each life with similar scenarios.

What happens, is when a request is made by you, I then request to see the important lifetimes that are affecting you presently.  It is interesting to note, that unless you request to be shown them, I won’t really see too much.  Seeing you in person is not required either.   I believe the “teachers” want to send information that is pertinent to you.  I basically transcribe what I see in the pictures, word phrases and short stories that are flashed in my mind upon my request based on your request.  Understanding  past lifetimes can serve as a tool for present growth, progression, awareness and benefit in the soul to move “forward” more quickly and with less pain and suffering.

The good news is there is great comfort in “undoing” karmic lessons.  The soul wants to reach a state of “nirvana” ultimately!

OK, so this is going to sound preachy, but it is not, from what I understand to be true, it is on a self-study program at your own pace, but we still “got to do the work ourselves”.  I know, “BORING”, but true forgiveness, not just the subjective, objective, I forgive you, you forgive me, is not exactly it.  Gary Renard explains this….in “Disappearance of the Universe”.   If you get good at practicing forgiveness with your omnipresence mindset, seeking Oneness slowly but surly will become your clear road to Enlightenment.   This is what I have been learning through the many readings I have done.

Loyalty, Trust and Deep Bonds Speak to this Man

This reading I did for a client who asked if I could see her friend’s three most influential past lives.  When this is asked, I form a request and in this case, once the request was made, the information flowed freely.  Here is what I received shortly after I cleared my mind:

First Lifetime – I see a falcon and a man looking up towards it. The creature and he have a very strong connection through their eyes.  I see him with his leather sleeve glove out stretched and the falcon landing on his arm. They have a deep love and understanding for each other. The man kisses his head. Love, affection and undying loyal bond is between each other and dependencies on each other is what makes this lifetime important.  It is something that strongly influences his understanding of this lifetime. As I look further, they became separated during wartime. The falcon became lost and very disorientated (his inner timings, landings, departures, almost like a clock mechanism) when he finally returned to find his master was no longer living there. There was tremendous guilt the master experienced over the disconnection of their relationship.  The guilt followed long after he returned to his homeland country until his eventual death of natural causes.

2nd Lifetime – I see a makeshift wooden cage in a laboratory type setting and there is a man rattling a birdcage. He is speaking some kind of German….he looks frustrated because his birds (lovebirds or doves) are on the bottom of the cage. He is smoking and I sense he has real pressure to have and keep them alive. He is a commander in the military and has a whip in his side, leather boots, large rimmed type of combat hat for special occasions. He is very high ranking and stressed out and feels a squeezing as though he is in the middle of two high pressured worlds.  He made a mistake with the laboratory experiments and understands it could be great consequences.  He is not sure sure how to get out of this complicated position. He contemplated suicide for a brief moment, but before he knew it, he was stabbed suddenly in the back by a trusted colleague who was ordered to do so from the top ranking General.

3rd Lifetime – I see a young boy who looks like he is from the “Aesop’s Fable” era, as a sweet young boy, with curly dark hair, his father’s favorite son.  It appears that this is his most special life time and the memory of it is like a shadow through many of his past lives, always having a yearning to return to this period of time. He had all things he needed and loved. His father made him special in his light. His father actually thought his son was a miniature of himself. It was a father/son twin relationship and both had deep understanding for each other. They lived together their entire life in a beautiful Greek palace, enjoying bow and arrow as their sport.  I see them both getting ill at the same time and dying within a short period of time of each other.  Something they drank in their goblet killed them.  It was very tragic and shocked all in the large extended family and servants.

Their souls incarnated together several times and they have helped each other understand all aspects of relationships.  This lifetime his son was his then-father.

About Me

I’m not sure if it’s because I was struck with a baseball as a child or some psychic lineage that I’m unaware of but in my twenties, my psychic skills began to emerge. It began with a poem I heard in my heard from a distinct point of view that wasn’t mine. I developed my skills with many readings, always looking for validation when possible.

I turned my attention to past-life readings a number of years ago as they are so intriguing. We all have relationships or repeated patterns where we wonder if a past life I was involved. Usually, yes! For my readings, I like to have very little knowledge about my subject. For my celebrity readings, I generally know what is common knowledge but do not do any research beforehand.
I hope you enjoy these past-life readings as much as I enjoyed seeing them. If you would like to have a reading for yourself, please contact via the link on this site.