Prince Past, Present and Future Lifetimes

Prince was really born a star. His most previous past lifetime before his incarnation as Prince was as a costume designer during the Vaudeville era. He evolved into managing everything behind the scenes in the theater.

He created beautiful costumes and he had a meticulous eye for perfection in fitting and expressing the role the star would perform. He was born to a well-to-do aristocrat in New York society, he was from a blended family. He was born around or in 1875 as the middle child of three. He had an older sister, sounds like her name might be Martha and a much younger baby brother. There were several years between him and his younger brother.

His sister played make-believe with her dolls and dressed them for different occasions, he would play with her and helped her imagine with different dresses and outfits for the dolls. He learned to sew at a very young age. His parents had the means to buy material, buttons, scissors, needles, and a sewing machine, which he was not allowed to use until he was older. That built into him a little frustration because he knew he could use the machine properly and had great ideas to create great outfits for the dolls. 

As he got older, he wanted to go to the theater and with his nurturing affluent parents, he could go and see great productions at an early age. He became enthralled with the theater. He made friends quickly with one of the main costume designers and was asked to help make and maintain the costumes. Although he was still a teenager, his parents allowed him to assist with costume designing. His mind was so sharp, he excelled at becoming the lead costume designer at a very young age. 

As he watched the shows, he had a very critical eye for the stage, the sound, the music, the entire production. He was quite the critic and talented artist behind the scenes. On occasion, he could substitute for an actor in a pinch. And he really enjoyed playing the different parts. 

As time went on he assumed more roles behind the theater production. He was good at all roles. He loved all aspects of the theater. This kept him entirely engrossed with work, I do not see him having a traditional wife and family. His life and family was the theater. 

How he died was an accident while working in the theater, something fell on his head or he was hit hard in the head accidentally. I see a heavy curtain bucket dropped down on him during a performance. He struggled to get up but could not recover, the show ended.  Everyone in the audience witnessed it and in this case the show did not go on. It was so very tragic people were crying as they left the theater.  He was in the prime of his life, doing what he loved and it ended abruptly. 

The person in charge of the curtain weight falling on his head felt tremendous guilt beyond what he could manage to live happily ever after in that lifetime. I see he has a huge role in Prince’s life ahead. In fact, he came back as his father in Prince’s future lifetime. 

He needed to return with his well developed theater past life and create a star persona in all aspects. He returned as who we know as Prince.

Prince’s lifetime – His sister from the former past life is now his mother in this lifetime. They chose to be together, because of the tragedy and wished to basically be protected and requested a “do-over” together.  He knew she would be very protective of him and so their wishes were born. They were and are productive soul mates and really help each other excel in talents. 

Another very very important figure in his life was his father. His father was born as a huge protector of Prince, because he was the person in the previous lifetime that accidentally dropped the weight on his head. His guilt kept him tied strongly to protect Prince as his child. This was fulfilling his karmic debt and relieving the tremendous guilt his soul had anchored on himself. They were both fulfilling their karmic destiny in this lifetime. This was a beautiful life for their relationship. 

A forever pain for Prince was the loss of his son, that it was not the right time for his son to live out his life. He was born too soon. He is attached to Prince from past lifetimes and he will be part of his future lifetime. They will be siblings if not twins in the next lifetime. This was more important to the baby’s lifetime, because it would not have worked out for the future lifetime. He would still be alive for a while and time wise it wouldn’t have worked.

Everything from his name to his parents made a perfect lifetime for Prince to flourish into the musical, theatrical, creative being he was. 

Prince’s future lifetime.

This is unusual for me to see a future lifetime but in this instance, I felt strongly that this is what he wanted me to do.

The outskirts of Cleveland, OH as the city where he will be born. He wants to grow up with his same mother he had when he was alive as Prince. They are in agreement that this will happen. His mother needs to be born many years before he can come to her.

She was born already and is a young child growing up in rural Cleveland presently. She lives on a farm with a barn and tall weeds and a fence that looks like it needs some repair. She looks as though she has a cough and runny nose. She is adorable though, her name sounds like Elsa, I can hear her Mother saying, “Elsa you come here now.” She is happy and loves her mother and life. She has a younger brother. They have a wonderful childhood with many friends. 

I see when Elsa turns 15, she meets a strong influential man, he is an adult, but not much older than her, he is 18. They like each other a lot.  He is good and respected by her and her parents who like him as well. When Elsa turns 18, the two of them have sex for the first time with each other. They play it safe with birth control. They also promise each other not to have sex with anyone else. They are each other’s mates for the next three years and decide to get married because they want children.

Then, they marry and within one year Elsa becomes pregnant. The year is 2039. She gives birth in March of 2040 to her first son, and this little new life is none other than the Prince. She loves him beyond what she could imagine. She is very protective of him, he looks a lot like her. She plays dress up with him and changes his clothing frequently. She takes pictures of him every day. He really is the central part of her life.

His baby brother is born when he is three, he bonds to him very closely, he teaches him everything as he learns himself. He is very protective of his younger brother and takes him around like his own living doll and treats him like he is his own child. It is really sweet. They have a bond that is so very solid. His baby brother is the baby he lost when he was Prince. 

I see as they grow up that they have a lot of family support surrounding them. They really are the apples of their mother’s eye. She spends a lot of quality time with them singing and listening to a lot of music, they have a huge connection to listening to beloved musical artists, in fact they especially love listening to Prince! He sensed that he was Prince. He understands all aspects of Prince. He has access to a family piano and instantly plays beautifully at a very young age. He is a prodigy and baby brother is his audience and his best critic. The family gives him a violin and tries it but prefers to play guitar. 

As he gets older, he can’t help but to start writing lyrics, and in the future it will be a very easy method because of new high tech sounds. He totally gets into mixing and creating future music with vibrations, sounds, beats and rhythms that are new. His life in the future much mimics his past life as Prince as far as music, talent, originality and drive. He and his brother complete their karmic debts, as the loss of his baby in the former lifetime, is healed in this future lifetime together. #prince #pastlives

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