What Happens to an Entire Family who Dies in an Airplane Crash

The first lifetime I see is of baby Phoebe in her past life crawling on a wooden floor with her pj’s on her like a onesie. It was not that long ago. I see your Mom wearing a long dress with an apron on. Your father has a straw, big brimmed poop hat, and is smoking, happy and playing a guitar. He is a multi-tasker. You were a little tot and you made them very happy. They were your same parents as you have now. Also, your brother was your same brother. You lived nearby where you live presently, but in a more rural area, or it hadn’t been built up yet. You were all a young family. Your father had a creative way of making a living. He played music at local events. He was very handy and was relied upon with his carpentry skills. He and your mother were very important participants of a local spiritual group who helped each other. It consisted of a peaceful loving group of families.

I see you were going to visit your father’s father who had moved rather far away.  He most very likely was your current Uncle Edward. He had remarried and chose to live near his wife’s family. It was a bit far to drive and commercial flying was new at the time. I see your grandfather paid for your flights to come and visit him. 

This was an exciting adventure for the entire family! You and your family were going to be away from home for more than a month. It required your neighbors and friends to check up on your home. It took a small village to help you all make that trip. You were about 10 or 11 years old. Your brother was about eight years old.  You all packed and traveled to the airport and excitedly boarded the flight. Take off was normal. Everything seemed fine, except, the weather was getting bad, the airplane hit some bad turbulence and really shook badly! 

Next, I see, the plane was either struck by lightning or broke apart in the air, and shortly after that it fell out of the sky. Tragically, you and your family all perished together in that airplane accident!  It was terrifying and very quick. No one suffered and no one could believe it happened. It was too traumatic to grasp on a spiritual level for all on that flight. 

You were a young family, and your life was cut way too short. It was an unfair shake and your family decided you all came back as soon as possible as the same family to finish your karmic responsibilities together. Your present family is that family. 

Phoebe’s Second Lifetime

I see your childhood in that lifetime you were from a large family. You were one of thirteen children. Your siblings, mostly males, are your present brother, father and mother. Your family had a large property and there were farm animals, and everyone had to pitch in to make ends meet. 

Your Mom, Judy, was your only older sister, John, your Dad, was your next younger brother, followed by your brother, Matthew. They were your backbone for you to do what you needed and wanted to do in that lifetime.  

It was a hard life and I see that you did not want to follow in your parents’ footsteps and therefore, you chose not to get married. You decided to become a nun. You felt that a nun’s life was a much better existence for you. So, you applied to the Church of England, as an Anglican nun.

But at the time, it was a very selective process to go through, and you had to deal with their long-term decision-making process. It took several months before you were finally accepted. You were much relieved when you were accepted, and it reinforced in you that you were making the right decision for yourself.

You had a sense of humor and liked to play small pranks on your friends and family. You brought your sense of humor to the convent. They were not sure how to handle you, but eventually they laughed and took you under their wings and really loved you. You had a home there and were happy. Your name was Sister Catherine.

This lifetime took place in a small town near England around 1750. You were small, and I believe that also went into your decision-making process. You were trained and became part of a midwife team then. You saw a lot of happy moments and tragic moments during the births. You learned to pray very hard so that almost all outcomes were happy. 

Your track record became quite remarkable, and many new mothers requested you to be their midwife. You would give a special rosary to the new baby to keep nearby. As the babies grew up, a lot of them and their mothers stayed in touch with you. They would bring you small things for you to bless.

Your work was very satisfying, and you had a great sense of purpose and reward. You lived a natural life expectancy for the time. I see that what was considered a natural cause of death was your teeth and jaws look like they were infected because of poor hygiene. It was common then, and explained what we considered untimely demise. 

Unfortunately, you developed a high fever and the nuns surrounded you and prayed for you. You were in and out of conscientiousness for several days and then passed away in your sleep, it was considered a blessing and peaceful passing. You had a beautiful life. 

Phoebe’s Third Lifetime

This lifetime goes way back to the Egyptian period. Here is when Maddie, Alex and you shared a lifetime. I see the pyramids near-by, you in the middle, Maddie on the left and Alex on the right. I see it has to do with planning. You three were architects. You helped design structures during that era. The three of you were all very intelligent and worked together on planning to build several structures because you worked in the court of the Pharaoh.

The Pharaoh was in the New Kingdom era and was Ramsses II. He ruled for a long period of time and really had ambition to grow Egypt’s territory. He ordered you to create building after building. You were supervisor of your projects and as soon as you started a project and had things underway, you would then report back to the Pharaoh on the progress. If the Pharaoh was content, he requested you start on another structure as soon as possible. This went on year after year. You consulted with your colleagues Alex and Maddie. Phoebe, your name was Sehteht,  Htetastet, was Alex’s name, Atethet was Maddie’s name. The building process was rather dangerous with large stones tumbling at times crushing workers. 

I can see one incident, when two boulders tumbled down and it trapped you between them. There was pressure on your chest, and it broke your ribs.  I see that Htetastet was right there, and he was able, with the laborers, to pull the boulder away quickly, which saved your life. You had a long recovery process, and the Pharaoh was very sympathetic for you. He took good care of you in his own palace. You healed and recovered over the months. Htetastet and Atethet would visit you along with many friends. I see the three of you supported each other throughout that lifetime. 

Because the three of you were highly regarded in society then, you basically retired and had appointed slaves who took care of you. You lived near-by each other and were friends. It was a good life then and because the Egyptian beliefs were dedicated to eternal heavenly life, you all looked forward to passing. Atethet was first to pass, and you and Htetastet believed he was very fortunate to get to go first to eternal heaven. Htetastet was next to leave his body and finally you, Sehteht, passed away in his sleep. Because you were all honored members of society then, you were buried in special tombs for your eternal afterlife. #pastlifereadings

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