Donald Trump’s Three Past Lives

Almost all of the past life readings I have done, most people are not historical figures. However, when I explored Donald Trump’s past lives, he actually was two historical figures and so when I did my readings I was able to validate what I saw with Wikipedia, this made it very interesting to check. I saw his past lives three years ago, but let it sit and decided to revisit them with more detail. These are very interesting and make sense on a spiritual level towards his challenges and lessons he needs to further evolve his soul. 

The first lifetime – He was born into a privileged family whose father ruled an empire with his brother. He was Attila the Hun. When he was a baby, his father started to train him and his older brother being “tough” and would take him from his mother’s arms and inflict pain to prepare him and his brother for battle. It was very difficult for his mother to bear, but she had to endure watching and listening to her son’s painful cries. He was traumatized from childhood.

His father was away a lot and his absences really helped the boys recover from his repeated trauma. When his father returned, it would start over again, until one day when his father returned injured and weakened, did not hurt them, he reached out his hand to ask for help.  This was the turning point in their relationship.  Attila and his brother had tremendous resentment towards their father, but both brothers managed to help their father yet keeping their feelings to themselves because they feared him. 

Attila became the strongest and most feared warrior in the land. His power and ego was unshakable. When he passed away, from a nosebleed, which was true what the historians speculated, he didn’t and could not believe it and felt he had a lot of unfinished business to take care of, it wasn’t his time yet.  He came back very soon after as another son of a warrior….

2nd lifetime-

Baby Alexander, born into a royal family, with all the rights, privilege, education and health he and his sister could have. His then sister is his sister in this lifetime, Maryanne. He had a secure upbringing and this time a more understanding and dotting father. He was nurtured and very loved by his parents. He admired his father and his skills as a leader. He would watch his father on a horse and wanted to be like him and especially wanted his approval. 

When his father was killed by an inner circle trusted companion, Alexander had to take over immediately and do it quickly and proclaimed himself King before there were any disputes. He was passionate and driven to destroy and kill any rebellion.  He had an appetite to take over territories which feed into his power. And as he obtained more territory, he became more powerful. Power became a drug to him. 

He was always suspicious of his closest confidants and rightly so because of his father’s death, however he had to rely on them too for protection. What I see is that he ate something like a type of berry that had bacteria that wasn’t digestible and it was fed to him as a snack or casual, in-between meal, and the person who gave it to him figured he would not raise suspicion. It was a close confidant who knew what he was doing to eliminate him from power. 

As history writes, he passed away with agonizing stomach pains and severe dehydration. As he was dying in his last days, he had full-realization that he was murdered by an insider. His soul left feeling hugely betrayed and having huge trust issues in humanity. He did not want to ever come back and vowed to never trust anyone again. 

Third lifetime-

It took almost 2000 years until he did trust and come back. He was born to an international banker in the early 1800’s in the Toronto area in Canada. He came back on the terms that he would be in a protected loving household that assured he wouldn’t have any trust issues and physical hardships. So this was the family he chose. He negotiated his own return!

In fact, the terms he negotiated was that he would only return in a completely comfortable, safe home.  He also wanted his same father from his previous lifetime and so between time and feeling protected enough, he was born to his father from the lifetime when he was Alexander the III.  

His childhood was very good for him on a spiritual level and he learned to trust more in humanity in this lifetime.  His father made sure to keep him in the family business and he became a successful businessman in banking and understanding the flow of money from country to country.  

The family was instrumental in opening money flow from Europe, English nations, to Canada. It was not just his family but a group of families who were the main forces for setting up the banking system from what I see almost like royalty the families were treated.

Donald Trump’s past lives really were powerful and complicated. His current life and powers really are a reflection of various relationships he had on-going for eons. His lifetime lessons of forgiveness affect all of us on a spiritual level.

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