Sample of Three Past Life Readings

This Man’s Past Lifetime Readings Brings “Awe” and More Meaning to His Life.

First Lifetime – Boy of Sunshine/ Laughing Boy – You were a young boy in India. This life seems to be a mirror. You were a very happy child and beautiful too. You had a sheep or goat and I see you carrying it, as your pet with you all the time. Everyone loved and admired you. Boy of Sunshine, you always looked towards the sun and felt this gave you your strength. You and your goat brought the entire town a lot of joy. You would carry him to the water and everyone smiled at you. Fast forward…. I see you as a teen/young man. You still have your goat and you still can pick him up and he allows you to carry him. Your family was really destitute living in a town in complete poverty. As a young man you and your goat/lamb decided to find a better place for your family. So you set out with your goat and a pair of leather sandals and began walking, and walking for several days. You and your goat were really on the verge of thirst and your sandals were falling apart causing your feet to hurt, when you approached an oasis. You were not sure if this was an illusion or not, but you kept walking, and finally arrived there and it was not an illusion but a prosperous city surrounded by water. The townspeople could not believe you and your goat had made it there!! They immediately assisted in attending to your needs. They realized that you must be a very special spiritual being, so they honored you with anything you wanted and needed. You asked to send for your family so you could live there with you. The town gave you the nicest most beautiful dwelling, with gardens, and fresh foods. Anything you wanted and needed was granted to you. You made your family a wonderful life. You were a good person, kind and never had a mean thought in this lifetime. You were recognized for your “specialness” and spiritual gifts. You were also very handsome with a great smile that made everyone happy by your presence. You were very loved and cherish and highly respected. You lived long and died of natural causes with a smile on your face. 🙂

Second Lifetime – A Shoemaker- This seems to be some place in southern Europe. What I saw that this was before the Sunshine boy lifetime. You lived in a town where your family owned and passed down the job to you of being a shoe maker. You specialized in sandals! Funny, but you had a large smart mind and making shoes was a little boring and it made you realize that you should be the one wearing and walking in these shoes to exciting places, not making them. It was frustrating for you but you decided to be happy to have a job and support your family. It wasn’t an exciting existence, but your day dreaming of a better life helped you to stay in a lifetime of shoe making. This lifetime you were again, very nice looking. You were married to a local towns girl (semi-arranged marriage) and had two sons. It looks as though your two sons there came here as your sons again- your two oldest sons.

Third Lifetime – Pharaoh- This goes way back……to the Egyptian Pyramid period. You were born into royalty. You were very handsome, charismatic and lived in beautiful surroundings with lots of gold. You had everything given to you. You became a pharaoh when you were 13 years old and ruled until you were 24 years old. What I see here, is your hands reaching out to a lot of people and things that allowed your passion to be satisfied and gratified any time you wished. You died rather suddenly. It was either from a quick disease but very likely you were poisoned. I see a name that could have been yours, Natannenan, something like that. Sun worshiping was the spiritual practice. It wasn’t a long lifetime but there were lots of passionate moments in this lifetime.

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