I feel really different after these readings. Like some part of me that I didn’t understand suddenly makes sense. I think I have always been intuitive but recently it has kicked up a notch. I get senses when I should or shouldn’t do things and I am working on getting better and listening to my thoughts and imaginings. This is an area I would like to continue to develop.
Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these with me. I am loving this process in self discovery.   I am looking forward to the next one!  -Sarah

Wow! This is awesome!  You have a wonderful gift!  Thanks so very much!!!!!!! – Marge

When I was a boy, I could feel people loving me, and as an adult I still feel like a boy who is loved. And, though I have experienced some prejudice in my life, there has been far more love that has blessed me. I often wonder why I am so blessed 🙂

I would love to hear more, if it’s possible?

Thanks again!!! 🙂   – J.K.

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