About Me

I’m not sure if it’s because I was struck with a baseball as a child or some psychic lineage that I’m unaware of but in my twenties, my psychic skills began to emerge. It began with a poem I heard in my heard from a distinct point of view that wasn’t mine. I developed my skills with many readings, always looking for validation when possible.

I turned my attention to past-life readings a number of years ago as they are so intriguing. We all have relationships or repeated patterns where we wonder if a past life I was involved. Usually, yes! For my readings, I like to have very little knowledge about my subject. For my celebrity readings, I generally know what is common knowledge but do not do any research beforehand.
I hope you enjoy these past-life readings as much as I enjoyed seeing them. If you would like to have a reading for yourself, please contact via the link on this site.


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