Loyalty, Trust and Deep Bonds Speak to this Man

This reading I did for a client who asked if I could see her friend’s three most influential past lives.  When this is asked, I form a request and in this case, once the request was made, the information flowed freely.  Here is what I received shortly after I cleared my mind:

First Lifetime – I see a falcon and a man looking up towards it. The creature and he have a very strong connection through their eyes.  I see him with his leather sleeve glove out stretched and the falcon landing on his arm. They have a deep love and understanding for each other. The man kisses his head. Love, affection and undying loyal bond is between each other and dependencies on each other is what makes this lifetime important.  It is something that strongly influences his understanding of this lifetime. As I look further, they became separated during wartime. The falcon became lost and very disorientated (his inner timings, landings, departures, almost like a clock mechanism) when he finally returned to find his master was no longer living there. There was tremendous guilt the master experienced over the disconnection of their relationship.  The guilt followed long after he returned to his homeland country until his eventual death of natural causes.

2nd Lifetime – I see a makeshift wooden cage in a laboratory type setting and there is a man rattling a birdcage. He is speaking some kind of German….he looks frustrated because his birds (lovebirds or doves) are on the bottom of the cage. He is smoking and I sense he has real pressure to have and keep them alive. He is a commander in the military and has a whip in his side, leather boots, large rimmed type of combat hat for special occasions. He is very high ranking and stressed out and feels a squeezing as though he is in the middle of two high pressured worlds.  He made a mistake with the laboratory experiments and understands it could be great consequences.  He is not sure sure how to get out of this complicated position. He contemplated suicide for a brief moment, but before he knew it, he was stabbed suddenly in the back by a trusted colleague who was ordered to do so from the top ranking General.

3rd Lifetime – I see a young boy who looks like he is from the “Aesop’s Fable” era, as a sweet young boy, with curly dark hair, his father’s favorite son.  It appears that this is his most special life time and the memory of it is like a shadow through many of his past lives, always having a yearning to return to this period of time. He had all things he needed and loved. His father made him special in his light. His father actually thought his son was a miniature of himself. It was a father/son twin relationship and both had deep understanding for each other. They lived together their entire life in a beautiful Greek palace, enjoying bow and arrow as their sport.  I see them both getting ill at the same time and dying within a short period of time of each other.  Something they drank in their goblet killed them.  It was very tragic and shocked all in the large extended family and servants.

Their souls incarnated together several times and they have helped each other understand all aspects of relationships.  This lifetime his son was his then-father.

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