Most likely you lived more than a hundred lifetimes….

Most likely you have been reincarnated at least 100 lifetimes or more.  Generally speaking from what I have experienced in my readings, is that most of our lifetimes had a very closely related repeated pattern but plays out uniquely in each life with similar scenarios.

What happens, is when a request is made by you, I then request to see the important lifetimes that are affecting you presently.  It is interesting to note, that unless you request to be shown them, I won’t really see too much.  Seeing you in person is not required either.   I believe the “teachers” want to send information that is pertinent to you.  I basically transcribe what I see in the pictures, word phrases and short stories that are flashed in my mind upon my request based on your request.  Understanding  past lifetimes can serve as a tool for present growth, progression, awareness and benefit in the soul to move “forward” more quickly and with less pain and suffering.

The good news is there is great comfort in “undoing” karmic lessons.  The soul wants to reach a state of “nirvana” ultimately!

OK, so this is going to sound preachy, but it is not, from what I understand to be true, it is on a self-study program at your own pace, but we still “got to do the work ourselves”.  I know, “BORING”, but true forgiveness, not just the subjective, objective, I forgive you, you forgive me, is not exactly it.  Gary Renard explains this….in “Disappearance of the Universe”.   If you get good at practicing forgiveness with your omnipresence mindset, seeking Oneness slowly but surly will become your clear road to Enlightenment.   This is what I have been learning through the many readings I have done.

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