Past Lives of Celebrity Jackie Chan

I decided to see what I see with a very loved public figure in his past lives. Although he did not personally request this, I believe and think the public domain is acceptable to view in his case.

Mr. Chan’s lifetime is taking me to….😴….
An acrobatic tented circus atmosphere. Not too surprising. He was a great tumbler. He could roll himself up in a small ball and roll, and he knew the tighter he held himself the safer he was. He loved his happy existence but it was short lived. It looks like three seasons for him only lasted. His body couldn’t endure the strains of this unique type of tumbling. He passed out and died during one of his acts, it was very sad. I see this lifetime not that long ago.

The next lifetime I see….😴….is before that lifetime, I see a black car, a big car, kind of like something you see in a gangster movie, he is wearing a yellow rain coat. I am not sure if this is symbolic or within reincarnation timeframes, anyway I keep seeing….running at night from a car he believes is going to explode. It looks like a car from the 1920’s and it could be a German car. I am not able to analyze this now.

I am requesting more information….I am asking, why is he so big now? Sources say, he was a BIG king and was fed grapes as a huge ruler many lifetimes ago, in ancient history, he was a Suma wrestler, one of the best! This is where he learned his physical life and how to start measuring it. He developed his capacity to have a full mind and body then and took it to all aspects of his own being. He truly is a fully well developed human being going on to full enlightenment! Bravo Jacki!

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