Jackie Chan’s Three Past Lives – Very Entertaining, Dramatic and Disciplined

The first lifetime – I see an acrobatic tented circus atmosphere—not too surprising. He was a great tumbler. He could roll himself up into a small ball and roll, and he knew the tighter he held himself, the faster he would roll, and it also meant he was more protected and safer. Before his show, he would go through his breathing exercises to help slow down his heart rate. He also did stretching exercises, similar to Yoga to keep is performances perfect. He needed to be in tip-top shape to perform. He really loved his life, particularly since it was his family business. The crowds he performed for would gasp and would give him a resounding applause. He loved the energy!

It looks like three seasons is all it lasted for him. The act required holding his breath for a long time. On his last show, his body couldn’t endure the strains of this unique type of tumbling. He passed out and died during one of his acts. It was very, very upsetting to see what had happened. The audience went into shock. They could not revive him. I see this lifetime was not that long ago. I see it was in the mid to early 1800’s and he passed away in his early 20’s. He should have had years of entertainment, but it was cut way too short.

The second lifetime – I see a large black car, like something you see in a gangster movie. He is wearing a yellow raincoat. He is outside, opening up car doors for high society people and escorting them into a beautiful hotel. I see he is living in Chicago. He was deeply involved with the Mafia. He used his job as a chauffeur/parking attendant to be a spotter and an informant. He knew everything that was going on in the Mafia gang world. 

The gang he was associated with started to think he knew a little too much and suspected that he may be an informant and began not to trust him. They thought he could have turned to the cops. In order to stop any leakage to the cops they made a plan to kill him by planting an explosive device in one of the cars he would open the doors for.  

It was an elaborate plan because they also wanted to kill one of the top police chiefs at the same time. The device was planted in the car at the time the police officer was having dinner at the famous hotel. When the door was opened, the explosion would go off and kill him and the policeman. The device was set when the cop went into the hotel for business. When he finished his dinner, the parking informant opened the car door for him and that is when the “plan” set off the fiery blast killed both men. 

The third lifetime – Why is he so big in this lifetime? I see an ancient history; he was a Sumo warrior one of the best! His training then was where he learned how to measure and discipline the physical and mental aspects of his life. He developed a sharp mind and body while training to become one of the best Sumo warriors of all time. The honor of being chosen into Sumo training was all mentally encompassing with no distractions. The trainees were highly rewarded with lavish food, a place to live comfortably and treated as heroes everywhere they went. This lifetime was a very long time ago, I see around 1000 AD.

He was very competitive and wanted to make a competition out of everything, such as eating the most food, being the heaviest, being the bravest and using psychological tactics to stay on top of his competition. He used all his mental and physical resources 24/7 and proved correct by achieving all of his goals as he won every competition during his training. He was highly honored and respected by upper society in Japan. He was well trained and put on the battlefield for hand-to-hand combat.

He fought many battles and was the winner in all challenges, except for his final battle, where the only force to stop him was a blow to the head. He died on the battlefield. When news got out, it was a tremendous loss, and he was hailed as a warrior hero and thought at the time to become a god. By him being a Sumo warrior in that lifetime it really set forth a future soul-programming that came through for his future lifetimes, including the lifetime he was a tumbler and Jackie Chan today.

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