Loyalty, Trust and Deep Bonds Speak to this Man

This reading I did for a client who asked if I could see her friend’s three most influential past lives.  When this is asked, I form a request and in this case, once the request was made, the information flowed freely.  Here is what I received shortly after I cleared my mind:

First Lifetime – I see a falcon and a man looking up towards it. The creature and he have a very strong connection through their eyes.  I see him with his leather sleeve glove out stretched and the falcon landing on his arm. They have a deep love and understanding for each other. The man kisses his head. Love, affection and undying loyal bond is between each other and dependencies on each other is what makes this lifetime important.  It is something that strongly influences his understanding of this lifetime. As I look further, they became separated during wartime. The falcon became lost and very disorientated (his inner timings, landings, departures, almost like a clock mechanism) when he finally returned to find his master was no longer living there. There was tremendous guilt the master experienced over the disconnection of their relationship.  The guilt followed long after he returned to his homeland country until his eventual death of natural causes.

2nd Lifetime – I see a makeshift wooden cage in a laboratory type setting and there is a man rattling a birdcage. He is speaking some kind of German….he looks frustrated because his birds (lovebirds or doves) are on the bottom of the cage. He is smoking and I sense he has real pressure to have and keep them alive. He is a commander in the military and has a whip in his side, leather boots, large rimmed type of combat hat for special occasions. He is very high ranking and stressed out and feels a squeezing as though he is in the middle of two high pressured worlds.  He made a mistake with the laboratory experiments and understands it could be great consequences.  He is not sure sure how to get out of this complicated position. He contemplated suicide for a brief moment, but before he knew it, he was stabbed suddenly in the back by a trusted colleague who was ordered to do so from the top ranking General.

3rd Lifetime – I see a young boy who looks like he is from the “Aesop’s Fable” era, as a sweet young boy, with curly dark hair, his father’s favorite son.  It appears that this is his most special life time and the memory of it is like a shadow through many of his past lives, always having a yearning to return to this period of time. He had all things he needed and loved. His father made him special in his light. His father actually thought his son was a miniature of himself. It was a father/son twin relationship and both had deep understanding for each other. They lived together their entire life in a beautiful Greek palace, enjoying bow and arrow as their sport.  I see them both getting ill at the same time and dying within a short period of time of each other.  Something they drank in their goblet killed them.  It was very tragic and shocked all in the large extended family and servants.

Their souls incarnated together several times and they have helped each other understand all aspects of relationships.  This lifetime his son was his then-father.


I feel really different after these readings. Like some part of me that I didn’t understand suddenly makes sense. I think I have always been intuitive but recently it has kicked up a notch. I get senses when I should or shouldn’t do things and I am working on getting better and listening to my thoughts and imaginings. This is an area I would like to continue to develop.
Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these with me. I am loving this process in self discovery.   I am looking forward to the next one!  -Sarah

Wow! This is awesome!  You have a wonderful gift!  Thanks so very much!!!!!!! – Marge

When I was a boy, I could feel people loving me, and as an adult I still feel like a boy who is loved. And, though I have experienced some prejudice in my life, there has been far more love that has blessed me. I often wonder why I am so blessed 🙂

I would love to hear more, if it’s possible?

Thanks again!!! 🙂   – J.K.

Background Information

I have been doing physic readings for over 25 years as well as “seeing” aspects of people’s present day spiritual life.   My best friend and I tested my accuracy with different people she knew and I didn’t know and she would say, “What do you see?”  I would tell her, and she confirmed over and over again my accuracy.    We did this over months and years and kept our journals of our “sessions” together.

One of the first times using my abilities, I was asked to help discover what happened to a murdered Sherri Dally by the local police detectives.  My remote viewing of the crime scene helped find where her body was and exactly what had happened.  She was discovered as I said, in a ravine.  Very sad and very stressful for all of the community.  This was not what I was cut out for, and my friend and I continued with our sessions.

We went on to read a newly released book about forgiveness, called “Disappearance of the Universe”, by Gary R. Renard.  Then followed-up completing, “A Course In Miracles”, ACIM the following year.  This made me want to place my abilities into seeing the over all picture of an individual soul story to see if I could help friends move forward in their spiritual growth.

My process is I make a request to see your overall lifetimes, then I begin to see flashes of pictures of different times, places and eras that pertain to you. And that’s when I write with my eyes closed and my hands on a keyboard filling a word document as I see the story unfolding.  It’s pretty exciting stuff!

From the testimonials I have received and feed-back, the overall experience for you is a much clearer and deeper meaning in your life and spiritual growth forward.    If you would like a reading from me, please request through it through e-mail at: letitgopastlives@gmail.com.  I recommend three for a good overview.  It may take one to two weeks for the readings to be complete and I will stay in touch with you during this period with updates on progress.


Sample of Three Past Life Readings

This Man’s Past Lifetime Readings Brings “Awe” and More Meaning to His Life.

First Lifetime – Boy of Sunshine/ Laughing Boy – You were a young boy in India. This life seems to be a mirror. You were a very happy child and beautiful too. You had a sheep or goat and I see you carrying it, as your pet with you all the time. Everyone loved and admired you. Boy of Sunshine, you always looked towards the sun and felt this gave you your strength. You and your goat brought the entire town a lot of joy. You would carry him to the water and everyone smiled at you. Fast forward…. I see you as a teen/young man. You still have your goat and you still can pick him up and he allows you to carry him. Your family was really destitute living in a town in complete poverty. As a young man you and your goat/lamb decided to find a better place for your family. So you set out with your goat and a pair of leather sandals and began walking, and walking for several days. You and your goat were really on the verge of thirst and your sandals were falling apart causing your feet to hurt, when you approached an oasis. You were not sure if this was an illusion or not, but you kept walking, and finally arrived there and it was not an illusion but a prosperous city surrounded by water. The townspeople could not believe you and your goat had made it there!! They immediately assisted in attending to your needs. They realized that you must be a very special spiritual being, so they honored you with anything you wanted and needed. You asked to send for your family so you could live there with you. The town gave you the nicest most beautiful dwelling, with gardens, and fresh foods. Anything you wanted and needed was granted to you. You made your family a wonderful life. You were a good person, kind and never had a mean thought in this lifetime. You were recognized for your “specialness” and spiritual gifts. You were also very handsome with a great smile that made everyone happy by your presence. You were very loved and cherish and highly respected. You lived long and died of natural causes with a smile on your face. 🙂

Second Lifetime – A Shoemaker- This seems to be some place in southern Europe. What I saw that this was before the Sunshine boy lifetime. You lived in a town where your family owned and passed down the job to you of being a shoe maker. You specialized in sandals! Funny, but you had a large smart mind and making shoes was a little boring and it made you realize that you should be the one wearing and walking in these shoes to exciting places, not making them. It was frustrating for you but you decided to be happy to have a job and support your family. It wasn’t an exciting existence, but your day dreaming of a better life helped you to stay in a lifetime of shoe making. This lifetime you were again, very nice looking. You were married to a local towns girl (semi-arranged marriage) and had two sons. It looks as though your two sons there came here as your sons again- your two oldest sons.

Third Lifetime – Pharaoh- This goes way back……to the Egyptian Pyramid period. You were born into royalty. You were very handsome, charismatic and lived in beautiful surroundings with lots of gold. You had everything given to you. You became a pharaoh when you were 13 years old and ruled until you were 24 years old. What I see here, is your hands reaching out to a lot of people and things that allowed your passion to be satisfied and gratified any time you wished. You died rather suddenly. It was either from a quick disease but very likely you were poisoned. I see a name that could have been yours, Natannenan, something like that. Sun worshiping was the spiritual practice. It wasn’t a long lifetime but there were lots of passionate moments in this lifetime.

Can We Accelerate Our Own Spiritual Path?

Are you doing enough Spiritual self-discovery?  This site is dedicated to assisting you in discovering your past lives and seeing that they do affect this lifetime, I believe that when you become aware of them you can forgive, release and let go of the emotional bonds, that effect your life.  Knowing some of your past lives will help free you from karmic bonds and help in your overall  happiness and well-being.

The core or “backbone” of my philosophy is based on “A Course in Miracles”, ACIM, and was channeled by a research psychologist who heard the Voice of Jesus.  Her name was Dr. Helen Schucman, and she was helped enormously by her colleague, Dr. William Thetford.  The other major players in the history of the Course were Dr. Kenneth Wapnick, Judith Skutch Whitson, and Bob Skutch who eventually formed the Foundation for Inner Peace, which became the publisher of the Course in 1976.

Dr. Kenneth Wapnick became Gary Renard’s  teacher in his first book,  DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE, “DU”, Straight Talk about Illusions, Past Lives, Religion, Sex, Politics, and the Miracles of Forgiveness.  My dear friend and I bought the book on first release and went to see Gary speak in Las Vegas to a small group of new listeners.  We had him sign our books and understood there that his book clearly explained our deepest spiritual questions in the most logical, purely nondualistic spiritual thought system, which the books explain.

Gary’s next book, YOUR IMMORTAL REALITY:  How to Break the Cycle of Birth and Death was another break through in understanding our souls progress and to once and for all break the Cycle of Birth and Death.  His next book was, LOVE HAS FORGOTTEN NO ONE:  The Answer to Life, I could not read it fast enough, it is truly a work from a heavenly source.

When you think there is not more information, Gary comes out with his latest on November 14th, 2017, “The Lifetimes When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other.”  I have not finished it yet, but soon will report in one it.  All of his books are a conversation of Gary with two ascended masters, Arten and Pursah.

My part I see in this process is to assist you, the seeker, to see your major past lifetimes that are affecting you now.  Through the practice of forgiveness you can release karmic ties, let go and become a nondualistic spiritual power source that we were intended to be, like Jesus and Buddha.